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  1. Apple Broadcom Airport Extreme 802 11n Wireless Mini-Pcie Card For Intel-Based Mac Desktop Notebooks Bulk Card Only System Pulls Model APLAR5BXB112
  2. NewerTech 8-inch Mini DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter Built to exceptional quality standards for Unibody MacBook & MacBook Pro Mac mini Mac Pro or iMac systems with Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port Model NWTCBLMDPDVI
  3. Newertech Nucube Mac Mini Vertical Stand Your Mini On Its Side For All 2005 To 2009 Model NWTNUCUBE
  4. Newertech Nucube Vertical For 2010 2011 2012 2013 Mac Mini Stand Your Mini On Its Side Model NWTNUCUBE10
  5. Newertech Nushelf Mount For 2010 2011 2012 Apple Mac Mini Under Desk Or Shelf Acrylic Hanger Mount Your Mac Mini Under Your Desk Or Under A Shelf Designed For Your Mini Works With The Apple Time Capsule Too Model NWTMINIS1MM10
  6. NewerTech NuStand mini Place your LCD or CRT directly above your Mac mini! Supports up to 22" CRT displays and up to 30" LCD displays Model NWTMINISTAND
  7. OWC Data Doubler 2.5" Hard Drive/SSD Installation Kit For Mac Mini 2011 - 2012 Models Add A Second 2.5" Hard Drive Or Solid-State Drive (Up To 9.5mm In Height) Model OWCDIYIMM11D2
  8. OWC Envoy Pro USB 3.0 Enclosure Compact Bus-Powered Rugged/Tough High-Performance For Apple Flash SSDs From 2013 Later Mac Pro MacBook Air iMac Late 2013+ MacBook Pro w/Retina, Late 2014+ Mac mini Model OWCMAU3ENPRPCI
  9. OWC HDD Upgrade Kit With Tools In-Line Thermal For All Apple Late 2009-2010 Imac 21.5" And 27" Models Upgrade An Imac With Any SATA Drive. No Software Hacks AHT Diagnostic Compatible Model OWCDIYIMACHDD09

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